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The iSort Maintenance management system software is used by leading companies around the globe who absolutely need to provide the best experience possible, for every client, every time, without exception. Contact us today to join the growing number of professional companies that pride themselves on exceeding expectations in environments where safety and functionality are the utmost concern.

What our clients say about iSort?

Amanda Syrowatka - General Manager Viceroy Bali Luxury Hotel Ubud

We have been using the iSort CMMS for over a year now at our 5-star, 46-room property. Tropical conditions are hash on equipment and facilities, and we have found it an excellent choice compared to other systems we have used in the past. It is an easy-to-use maintenance management software that has everything we need to stay on top of our considerable maintenance demands. We particularly like that it’s a cloud-based system accessible on any iOS or Android device, and that it is intuitive to a point that all staff can operate it. It really helps streamline maintenance tasks and boosts productivity, all without any paperwork, making it a valuable and efficient tool for us.

Amanda Syrowatka
General Manager – Viceroy Bali
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Herr Damian Hallas - Managing Director

With the iSort Computerized Maintenance Management System we are able to organize our on-site patrol units around cities, towns and buildings, using the Kaizen system to identify problem areas, analyze findings and schedule follow up actions, helping fulfil our primary security mission. We also have a lot of infrastructure to maintain – classrooms, firing ranges, weapons, vehicles etc. – and everything needs to be in optimal condition. Our staff and management love the flexibility of the iSort CMMS system.

Damian Hallas
Owner, Operations manager – Security Group Hallas
Balingen, Baden-Württemberg, German

Adrian Buditya - Director

We have a lot of technical and protection equipment that needs servicing to stay in top condition and iSort let’s us stay on top and ahead of the maintenance schedule, which means our protective services are always ready to be deployed. It is in preventative maintenance where we find a lot of value, as it means we are never caught short and can get more life from expensive technical and tactical systems.

Adrian Buditya
Director – AGI

Tom Gevers - Gym Owner

We have reviewed and trialled a number of CMMS tools and we went with iSort because it is easy to use and available on any device with no downloads. It helps our teams stay in touch across our multiple locations, allowing us to schedule tasks and discover maintenance concerns with our equipment before they become issues. In addition to the better price compared with other systems, we are finding great cost savings in using the iSort CMMS and are seeing increased customer satisfaction from a more functional environment.

Tom Gevers
Owner/Operator – Kamato Krav Maga Gym
Barendrecht, The Netherlands

Muliatiani - TS Suites
In August 2022, I was introduced to iSort for the first time. As an HR professional specializing in Human Operations, this application has made it easier for me to oversee employee performance, particularly in the Housekeeping and Engineering Departments. One of the key features of iSort that I find useful is its “Kaizen” tool, which allows me to track employee progress in terms of task completion speed and target achievement. This helps me identify which employees are most active in reporting defects, following up, and completing tasks, and make adjustments as necessary. By using iSort, I can assess employee performance at the individual, section, and department levels.
Overall, iSort is a very valuable tool for monitoring employee performance and promoting employee development.

Ni Ketut Muliatiani,SE,CHRM,CNHRP
HR Manager / Human Operations
TS Suites Leisure Seminyak Bali, Indonesia

Tagor Manroo - Guest Operation Office Manager
“My work became easier in just three months of using the iSort System.” Managing & Operating hotel properties have always been so complex even though we had SOPs & Policies in place.
It was difficult to monitor how the team was working, there was no way to track them, and above all, no proof of progress at any stage. It also took unlimited man hours and tons of paperwork to achieve our goals.Since I stared using the iSort System as a property and operations system, I have been able to manage everything with so much clarity and convenience. Our team also found it easy to report and monitor our progress. The system makes sure the employees deliver their responsibilities on time. We are able to see what exactly the employees are working on and track their real-time progress.
My efforts for 9 years to make sure all asset and human aspect work in line with company goals got done in only 3 months with iSort.Future is easy, with iSort.

Tagor Manroo
Guest Operation Office Manager
TS Suites Leisure Seminyak Bali, Indonesia

Head of IT at Alaya Hotels & Resort
iSort CMMS is an excellent system for coordinating and recording findings at our workplace. It’s easy to use, and we can use it as a report to keep track of our activities. With its cloud-based infrastructure, we can be confident that our report data is safe and secure. The system is user-friendly and provides great support, helping us to work more efficiently and effectively. Overall, we are very pleased with iSort CMMS and would highly recommend it to others.
Thank you for providing such a valuable tool!

Head of IT
Alaya Hotels & Resort Bali, Indonesia

Tri Buana Arsa - Assistant head of engineering at Sol By Melia, Kuta - Bali
Now the engineering department uses the CMMS iSort system. In this system there are many dashboards that can be used to assist engineering operations, be it preventive maintenance, project plan minutes of meeting and make it easier to carry out supervision and make reports, of course it makes it easier to analyze a damage. Before using the CMMS iSort system, I was a bit slow to do engineering work. The point is the CMMS iSort system is good for the future.
Thank You

Tri Buana Arsa
Assistant Head of Engineering
Sol By Melia, Kuta – Bali, Indonesia
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