The iSort Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can be used in a variety of industries. From Hotel maintenance management to Industrial facilities management, have the systems, reporting, monitoring and measurement tools to not only keep you on track, but also to keep you at the forefront of maintenance.
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Let iSort be your maintenance management partner for accurate, reliable and real-time access to business intelligence to create smarter decisions.


Hotels and Resorts

A hotel sees a lot of people creating a lot of wear and tear. Maintenance tasks arise all day, every day, from pool pump repairs to air conditioning malfunctions to broken restaurant chairs. Faced with a growing list of demands, you need a reliable system that helps you track on-demand and preventive maintenance work orders. iSort’s computerized maintenance management system makes it easy to not only capture data but also leverage it into easy-to-read reports packed with maintenance metrics and KPIs that illustrate if your team is doing the work properly and to schedule.

Shopping Malls

Foot traffic all day, every day. That means a lot of maintenance. Tenants are demanding repairs on the spot. And then there are the ongoing improvements, daily repairs and cleaning. If you own or manage shopping mall, you know the challenges. And iSort has a system that can handle the demands and all the things that can’t wait. Our facility management system cuts downtime by getting you ahead of the maintenance curve, meaning you can focus on the bottom line and creating a great experience for the customer.


Working with children and parents can be a challenge, so you need a system that allows your staff to focus on the important things while maintaining a safe and fully functional environment. The iSort computerized maintenance management system for schools is efficient and easy to use, allowing staff to identify issues ahead of time to make learning a safe, joyful and uninterrupted experience.

Security Companies

Producing highly skilled staff to respond under extreme situations means constant training, and that means wear and tear on facilities and constant attention. There is also the on-the-job equipment where failure could have fatal consequences. Equipment such as weapons and vehicles are expensive, precise investments and they require extreme attention and preventative maintenance. iSort CMMS has been well tested in the security industry, including being used in the field for identifying issues on patrol and filing instant reports for follow up actions.

Food and Beverage

Something like a broken dish washer can have ramifications down the line and end up affecting a guest’s experience. iSort’s facilities maintenance management software is a cloud-based database that keeps everyone up to date. From a 40-seat restaurant to a sprawling multi-level establishment, your team can open reports on the spot and address concerns before they create a problem.

Property Management

Property managers end up spending all day juggling various demands from every stakeholder. The best way to keep things running smoothly and efficiently is meeting the demands whilst closely watching the budget, ensuring you get the most value for your efforts. iSort’s CMMS excels at helping property managers and owners meet demanding maintenance schedules across both multiple locations or an expansive single location, keeping your team on track, increasing the cost savings with preventative maintenance, and extending the life of equipment.


Everything needs to run perfectly when lives are on the line, and it’s important no one gets injured at your facility. For this, you need an effective hospital maintenance management system. With iSort’s Kaizen system, anyone can easily and effectively reach out to report a problem to the maintenance department. And you get the information you need, when you need it, allowing management to review and prioritize requests to prevent issues before they arise.


Own an industrial warehouse or complex? Then you know that asset-heavy industries depend greatly on an immaculate maintenance schedule to prolong the lifetime of expensive investments. With iSort, you can track preventive maintenance to help you get the most out of your investment, manage critical teams, see where your budget is going and make essential repair-or-replace decisions before there is a slowdown.

Fitness Clubs

Broken equipment can be not only dangerous, it can also ruin a workout for the customer. Be it a cycle, a bench press or a watercooler, you need to be on top of concerns related to equipment that is experiencing extra-heavy use. With iSort’s maintenance management software, your on-site maintenance teams can stay ahead of the maintenance curve, across multiple locations, ensuring everyday provides the best experience possible in a safe and healthy environment.
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